Hi! My name’s Ethan,
I’ve been a part of the team at Halo Advertising Inc. and the Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation for over half a year! Growing up, I was only in construction, so looking forward in my life that was the only path I was able to see. Fast forward a few years and BAM I am managing a sales company!
How did this transition start? College! My first time I was fresh out of high school and in business because my goal was to take over the family business; which I didn’t realize at the time but I wasn’t very interested.

This led me on the path to Ledcor Technical Services, a fellow door knocking business that also teaches extensive personal development.

There, I spent almost 2 years learning the ins and outs of sales while finding something that I truly do enjoy; I was able to help people

Really help people by giving them something that actually works. Eventually I had to leave, I knew what I wanted to do. In all honesty when I left, I had no idea what the next step was, all I knew is that was the way forward.

Fast forward a year and I joined school to focus in finance. I wanted to learn everything about money and how it is managed.

This led me to Halo Advertising Inc. I wanted a job to have during school that would help me get through school and keep my sanity at the same time. Win-win!

It wasn't long before I saw the potential in the business platform and the leadership that was available. I have always been interested in leadership and development. The more I learned, the more I was ready to give it my all.

I am incredibly excited to finish my degree and take this business to the next step. The potential to help small business owners like my family, and under privileged families through the Non-Profit is incredibly exciting.




When I started with Halo Advertising Inc, I was fresh out of my management position and new to college, so my expectations were not high to say the least. Even during my interview, I could tell my expectations were going to be blown away.

Thankfully growing up I came from a wealthy family, so joining soccer wasn’t an issue. But I have always known may different families aren’t so lucky. Unfortunately, in many cases its hard to help those families, which is why I couldn't before. I would donate to causes that I liked, and I would make an impact but making waves is a lot more difficult.

This the reason I work with Halo Advertising Inc and Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation. I Love being a part of this team, I'm able to help kids across all of Alberta do the things they love, whether that be soccer, singing, or anything in between.

I worked my way up to senior management in Edmonton rather quickly raising money to help tons of families out, and at the same time helping get myself through school so I can help on a much grander scale! I want to take it nation wide so I can help as many people as we possible can

My Goal:

Where I would love to see Halo Advertising Inc. and Step Up 4 Kidz Foundation go next is EVERYWHERE. I like to pride myself in being a very honest person, and helping people is on the front of every persons mind, which in turn creates ways to help; a big way to do that is to donate or help fundraisers directly. We at Halo Advertising Inc. base a massive portion of our every day life into doing that specific task!